Monday, August 18, 2014

Black Walnuts

We have been having weather that feels like fall, despite it just being mid August, which is typically the hottest part of our summers.  The nights have been cool and the air has been dry.  The edges of the leaves on the plants in the garden seem tired and are starting to yellow.  The nuts are starting to drop from the black walnut trees.

I have vowed that I would start picking up the nuts and try to get them husked and shelled and make an attempt to sell the nut meats.  It would be a little money anyway and every little bit helps.  I was watching a video on youtube and a guy was talking about the versatility of the black walnut and he said the husk could be used as a cloth dye and also as an insecticide.  He didn't give any details, just mentioned it in passing.  I will need to do some research and see what else I can come up with.

 I have a lot of black walnut trees and I need to find things to do with them.  It is my ready made crop.  so once again, getting an evaporator built to make black walnut syrup will become a priority this winter.  Next week I will start collecting nuts and we will have to see what all I can figure out to do with this tree.  Hopefully a lot


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