Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Suspended Animation

I have been blessed with decent weather lately.  Here it is mid November and the frosts are intermittent and we have had no snowfall so far.  Our temperatures are still hitting fifty degrees with regularity.  I should be in a flurry of activity.  Well, I was in a flurry of activity, but my old injury of three herniated disks is letting me know that it is still there.  I am moving much slower now.  Barely perceptible to the casual on looker.

I know to most people holes are not exciting.  But I had finished all of the big ones.... REALLY!!!!.... they were finished!  and all I had left were eight .... count 'em eight smaller holes for  supporting corners.  All eight are one third to half way down.  But they aren't finished and here I am moving at roughly the same rate as a three toed tree sloth.

I'm going to get brave today.  Waiting til the sun gets a bit higher in the sky and I'm out there!!  I HAVE to finish  the eight holes.  Why?  Because I am so damn sick and tired of talking about holes!!!  I know there is more to life and I want to get on with it!

The four big posts are set for the horse shelter.  They aren't lined up quite as well as I had hoped but that's okay.  The horses won't know.  I want to work on it so badly!!!!  but first the holes.  Then there is the putting in features of the track system and even actually getting to play with the horses.  So much I want to do, but first the holes must get done.  So I am going out there today.  I don't care how much zinging I have shooting down my legs, across my gluts and over my back.  Holes will be done!  No more suspended animation for me!


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