Friday, December 6, 2013

A Straight Line

My mind simply won't stay in one place today.  Not that it does, but today it seems to be on a march.  It is headed out and I cannot keep it on track. It's traveling a straight line, headed over there some place.   I am trying to get myself organized to finish up the last of the christmas presents.  Almost all of the stocking stuffers are wrapped.  We have a tradition in our family of giving what we call table presents.  It was something I came up with when the kids were little to keep the excitement of the day going a little longer.  So, even after all the presents were open, there was that last present waiting.... a small box, sitting next to their plate.  Not to be opened until we sat down to have our christmas dinner.  Well, those are wrapped.

Then had to take a break to do the chores.  While breaking ice and carrying water to the horses, I tried really hard to think about the four presents I have left to make.  But my mind went on, and I was actually trying to figure out the spring projects..... what do I need the most?   The insulated trough cover that I read about in Mother Earth News.  Bigger coop for the chickens?  I want a small barn so badly it hurts.  I want to build my manual hay baler.

Then I tried really hard to think about those christmas presents.... I did.

Then I thought about all of the wonderful pictures I see on other women's blogs.  I need to spend more time with the camera.  I have to make myself do that.  It is amazing to me how many women are entering the field of agriculture.  Also inspiring.  We think about different crops, different methods, different applications.  It's like the opposite of Pandora's Box.  We've cracked this thing open and all of this wonderfulness just keeps coming.  Do I really need to blog about this stuff?  Do I have anything to add to the conversation?

Four presents!  How long can four presents take, for Pete's sake!!!  the one gift is a bag..... How long can that take?  Well, I never use a pattern so I end up making a pattern for every one........ that's probably stupid.

I wonder how many women are in agriculture now.  Does the USDA recognize the need to support this new effort?  Does the USDA know what a woman is?  Do they know that there are farms that grow stuff other then corn and soybeans  or cows and pigs?  Do they realize that lamb is one of the most expensive meats on the market, but a farm can turn over a lamb in nine months versus a calf that takes two years?

Once I have a present for Micah, Michal, James and Bevin, I am done!!!  Then I need to start on those insulated curtains so I can see if I can hold down the heating costs this winter.  I wonder if I can wing it or if I should try to do a pattern first... it's just curtains.  I should just be able to go off measurements.  I need to go through the fabric again and see if I have enough muslin for backing.  I think I have enough of the floral print for the curtain front......  and the more money that I save, the more I will have to put into the farm this next spring.  I should figure out a way to build the barn incrementally.  I can do that.

How I love this little farm!  I think I should plant more flowers this next spring.


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