Sunday, November 10, 2013

Farm of Sticks

I was visiting with a friend, Jackie.  It was about a year ago and we got to talking about fence.  I always talk about fence.  She has beautiful fence for her horses.  I mentioned that I was still working on cutting hedge posts to get more pasture available.  "Hedge!", she said, " I wouldn't use hedge.  Looks like you have a fence of STICKS!"  Well, yes she is right.  Not just sticks.  I suppose you could say that split rail fences look like sticks.... straight, orderly, rustic sticks.  Hedge on the other hand, looks more like someone's shillelagh.   And a row of hedge posts takes rustic to a whole new level.

This last year I have heard Jackie's words in my head over and over.  It has caused me to be reticent.  But truth be told...... I have no choice.  All I have is my shillelagh collection and if I can't avoid it, then I might as well celebrate it.  I will have my hedge fence.  I will have my hedge run in shed.  I will have my hedge gates... a hedge arbor and only God knows what else.

So I started to look at some resource materials and I found that sticks can be useful.....

And my gnarly hedge trees can be beautiful.........

And I should never give up on my dream being whimsical.......

And if you can't go big, go home.

I think I could really get into this!


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