Thursday, September 27, 2012


I ponder how I can look so horrible.  I am a walking wreck.  Then I have a day like yesterday and I wonder why it is that I don't look incredibly hot.  Really!  I should be smokin'!!!

Okay, to start from the beginning... as you know, my good neighbor came over and used his post hole auger to dig fourteen fencepost holes.  However, the ground is so dry that even when the auger is at it's full depth of four foot, the hole is over half full of granulated fines.  All of that still has to be dug out with a post hole digger, sometimes called a jobber.  The fines often fall right back out of the digger and it gets to be a slow moving task.  I had already done two of the fourteen holes.  Yesterday the rest got dug out.  I feared the loose material falling back into the hole so I went ahead and set the posts.  It wasn't easy.  My posts tend to be oversized.  Luckily we had already pulled then out of the wooded area where they were cut and they were neatly in rows.  Even with being able to get to them more readily, it was a hard day to get them loaded and then dropped to where they were to be used.  All but the four corner posts are moved and set.

Anyway, the point is that it was one tiring, heavy lifting day yesterday!  I am still kind of tired.  Oddly enough the muscles that are sore are just a bit sore.  Mostly my biceps.  I have an achey bit in my abs, but that's pretty much it.  Calves and thighs are fine.  Lats are great.  Upper abdominals ...... nothing!  So, why don't I look like the Bowflex model/demonstrator/ hot chick?  Nope!... not me!  I have to look like some polynesian fertility goddess, ample for production.  This sucks!

Oh well, hopefully this thought will pass.  In the meantime, I will be borrowing the good neighbors chains and I will be dragging the corner posts out to their corners.  With great luck and care, I will try to tip them into the holes.  I may not be able to, but maybe.  Once that is done, I will tackle the greenhouse again.  I'll just keep at it, with my big, strong muscles.  Keep going... inch by inch.


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