Monday, September 24, 2012

Doubts and Disorganization

I'm not totally sure what is wrong with me.  The summer is over.  Mac is back to school and still, I cannot seem to get myself organized.  It just seems that I should be getting loads of stuff done.  But, it's just not happening. God knows I have the lists!

I am so torn between the indoor and the outdoor tasks.  I have christmas projects lined up that are starting to taunt me.  I have some shower presents that need to be made.  I would like to have some shelves made for the bathroom.  Instead I have a load of laundry started and I am looking at dishes from the weekend that need to be attended to.

I have some manure tea that needs to go out on the hayfield.  I think it should go on the hayfield.  I've been second guessing myself about that, which is foolish.  It doesn't take that long to make manure tea. I should be thinking... MANURE TEA FOR EVERYBODY!!!!  I have just been concentrating on what I don't have.  I want a spigot for the barrel that I make tea in.  That would make things so much easier.  I found a  three gallon sprayer that was on a pair of wheels so I could get the glorious mixture to where I need it far more easily, which probably wouldn't be an issue at all if I had a new battery in the truck.  Oh well, a worry for another day.

I still need to move the green house.  Then make final decisions on garden fence.  A decision on the new, bigger, better, bolder TV antenna!  Decisions on the outdoor kitchen!  Decisions would be wonderful!!  Decisions followed by action would be freakin' awesome!!

Maybe I need another list... an emergency, I have to get it done before winter, list.  I wonder if I could get that done..... I wonder.


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