Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fence Posts and Other Maladys

I woke up tired today.  Busy day yesterday.  My good neighbor brought his tractor down with the post hole auger and cut fourteen post holes for me.  It was a relief to see the auger cut through the earth.  In about an hour to an hour and a half this machine did three days worth of manual labor for me.  While I watch it work it gives me a feeling of the miraculous.

These fourteen holes will take care of the corners and a walk through gate for a new pasture section.  I aspire to a couple of new fenced sections in the hope that I can keep rotating pasture more and be less reliant on hay.  The problem is that I don't have the money for the tee posts or the electric wire/line.  But strangely enough, lately, I have had such hope.  Things could happen.  Things could get better.  I have this split personality of emotions of being wildly hopeful and terrified about money.

I will try to not think about either.

I have a lot to get done.  I want to drag posts out to the fourteen post holes. I have already made a start. Two posts were set yesterday.  I think I can set four more posts today.  After that I will need to find an alternative method for moving the incredibly large posts.  Not for the last time, I wish I had a large towing chain.  It is a matter of missing the small things that brings projects to a screeching halt.  I will do what I can and when I am done with that, I will start on something else.

Like the greenhouse.....

I finally picked up some flat concrete pavers to go under the block to make a temporary pier to set the greenhouse on.  The digging is done.  The piers are leveled.  And I have started tamping dirt around them to give them more stability.  Next will be a matter of emptying the partially constructed greenhouse of all the crap that has accumulated there.  Once empty we will lay wood scraps under the structure and start sliding it to it's new location.  Once I get it to the piers I will probably be reduced to levering it.  Inch by inch, it will be eased onto it's new feet.  Once set then I can finish up the roof, the door and the vent.  Then it will be time for the plastic.  I am giddy with anticipation.  As much for the feeling of having something done as anything else.

DONE!!  what a wonderful word! What a great feeling!  You become ethereal as the weight of the "thing", whatever it might be, falls from your shoulders. An aphrodisiac for the soul.  Oh yeah, Baby.  That's good.


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