Friday, May 27, 2011

Wind Socks

I have always loved wind socks, great orange things spinning in the wind, over some knocked together little mown run way next to a corn field. Some of the tiny air strips would get fancy and would half way bury tires along the strip and paint the exposed portion white, and that is all it took to accommodate night time landings. Tires, tin sheds and dancing wind socks.... I thought it was so cool!

Later I saw the asian inspired wind socks... thanks to Pier 1 Imports. Most looked like fish some like birds, but just like the gaudy orange airstrip wind socks, they were fascinating to watch dancing in the wind.

I now over relate to the wind sock. I'm just hanging on tight and twisting in the wind! I have too many things I am trying to accomplish (I know, I know, big surprise there!!) Too many directions in which to head. Too many outside forces pushing me in directions that I don't want to go.

Maybe it's time to resurrect the to-do list so I can chart my course. I have to have a plan. A piece of paper that will hold me accountable.

Okay! So here's the plan... on my to-do list for today I'll put down that I have to write my seasonal to-do list. And under the seasonal to-do list, I'll break it up under classifications for house, farm, horses and business. Then by the time I've created all of those sub-headings and groupings, my thoughts will be spread over such a wide range again that I will be right back to being a wind sock... holding on tight and twisting in the wind.

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