Tuesday, June 10, 2014


My mind has been running about today.  Jumping and hopping from one thought to another.  My own undoing I suppose.  We stayed up a bit late and watched "The Grapes of Wrath"  When I was younger the movie just seemed an interesting bit of fiction but these days it has become personal.  Now it seems to be about how much sadness a person can take before they give up and quit, or even give up and die.

In the past it was Tom Joad's speech about "I'll be there" that struck a chord with me.  Not so much now.  I think now what touches my heart the most is the last scene of the movie.  The family is driving out of the government camp to follow what will possibly be twenty days of picking.  Ma is explaining how a man lives his life in jerks.  But a woman is about her family and the farm is her boundary.  She lives her life like a stream.  Some one dies and a little "feller" comes along and the family continues.  You might lose your home but you start another one somewhere else and you just keep flowing.  There are eddies and waterfalls but you keep going.

I suppose so.  

Food, clothing, shelter and dignity.  That is probably my motivation now. Hopefully by the end of summer I'll be able to chuck on the pursuit of happiness as well.  We will see.

For the next few days I should probably stay away from movies that inflame my social consciousness and  expose myself to whatever motivation that causes me to build fence or finish up flooring projects.  For every project done there will be another to step up and take it's place on the to-do list.  But that will be alright too.  It's a part of my stream.  I just keep flowing.


P.S.  the variety of tomato called Husky Red has started setting blossoms.  Makes me happy considering how cool it has been lately.  Tomorrow I will go out and check to see if any of the squash or beans has germinated.  Looking forward to my own good food.

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