Wednesday, October 2, 2013


There is an old pop song....."Reunited and it feels so good....."  Well, I'm home and to be honest I don't know how to feel.  I'm missing Max terribly.  I'm not missing the drive at all.  I feel at a loss.  There is so much to do here and I'm so far behind that I don't really know which way to jump first.  I guess my tune would be, "Reunited and I'm dazed and confused...."

  I was putting in 12 hour days between watching Max and having to drive such a long commute, and it certainly shows on my house.  It  shows between doggy hairballs and giant dust bunnies.  My menagerie of filth.  I had to begin with house cleaning.   Not knowing where else to start, I fell back on the tried and true standards.  I began with washing the sheets and running the vacuum.  Moved on to getting a cardboard box by the door and everything that could possibly be burned was thrown into it.  Next stop was to try to clear every flat surface.  I have come to the conclusion that all surfaces in a house should have peaked tops so the household junk does not get stacked on it.  It'll make dining a little difficult, but what the hell?!

I couldn't keep from moving some furniture and then finished off the evening with filing bank statements.  While getting a couple of things accomplished was nice, it has been tempered with some problems.  It seems that a drainage line heaved and we had a pocket of moisture accumulation in the front corner of the house.  The rising damp rotted out a section of the living room floor.  Not hard to do in an earth sheltered house.  So somehow, someway, before the ground freezes, I need to get out there and dig up a tile line.  I need to finish clearing out some cabinetry and then I begin the deed of ripping up my floor.  That will have to keep until this weekend as I have no doubt that I will be needing some moral support.

That takes me back to the good news.  Mac, my husband type person, has finally started to feel better.  I have to admit that we were both wondering if that day would come.  Especially after last winter, when we both managed to spend most of it with flu or respiratory infection.  Throw on top of that, Mac's three heart attacks.  Right now though, he is walking up and down our hill.  Cavorting with grandkids and has even been spotted weeding the garden.  At this time, he is competent in the moral support department.  I am very much needing someone standing there and saying, "Atta Girl!  You can do it!"

For today... I have a to-do list, like always.  Nothing too rigorous as I still don't know what the hell I'm really doing.  A trip into town for gas and feed and I guess we'll just have to see where we end up.  Reunited?  yes, I think so, but I totally don't know how I feel.

Later, Kids,

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