Saturday, January 5, 2013


So much has happened lately.  I am still feeling kind of confused.  Somewhat dazed.  I think I mentioned Mac's heart attacks.  Two at the end of November. That took the total for the year up to three.  That was a learning experience.  Then Max was born!  We have a new grandson, Max Quilan Bascom.  My oldest daughter, Max's mom, suggested that Mac and I liquidate the little farm and just move in with them.  That came as a shocker to me.   My husband is in favor of the idea.

On the farm front,  I have been helping the neighbor with getting his fencing in.  With winter coming on, there was not time to accomplish both my projects and his.  He thought it was a good idea to work on his and then move my horses down to his place for the winter.  I had promised the girls that I would never move them out again.  It always turns into a bad situation.  This time was no different.  The neighbor has an aggressive gelding and he mixed his horses with mine after only a couple of days.  His gelding cornered Pip and she tried to go out over the fence.  The fence was a fairly tall electric set up with electro-braid rope style line.  Pip hung up.  Not only was she completely torn up and bloody from her hocks to her teats, but the rope did not break and she was pulse shocked for about an hour, we think. Her manner, her carriage has all changed.   She seems to have been in a depression since then.  She is not healed up yet but she is making gains.  I want to bring her home in the worst way but the ground is frozen and I have no means to set new fence now.    I want her home!!

The happy news is that I have had a farm angel.  Another Parelli student sent me five hundred dollars to give me a boost in farm projects.  With out that money, I would not have been able to get veterinary help for Pip.  I've also been able to get supplemental feed.  And I have also bought orchard grass seed to improve the hay field and to hopefully get a better yield next year.  Hopefully the hay field will make a bit of money and then we can roll that over into other projects.  There is still some money left.  I have spent it about five times over in my mind, second guessing how it could best be applied.  Additional seed?  Fencing panels?  Tree taps for the black walnut syrup?  Rent an aerator for the hayfield?  Plant materials?  Lime?  While the possibilities are not limitless, they are hopeful.  And it makes me realize that I cannot give up here.  Not now.  Too many possibilities for living, to chuck it all away and move into my daughters basement.

It's morning, and the sun is shining brightly.


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