Friday, December 7, 2012

Sorry, I've been away...

The latter half of November was far more eventful then I would ever like.  There was the usual stuff.  Deer have been thicker this year.  They have wiped out a number of trees.  They ran through the back pasture fence to get to the horse's salt lick.  So the back fence, which is electric, had no zap.  I got some quick repairs made to the front arrangement and moved the horses back up close to the house, which is where I would rather have them when it is hunting season.  Then there were issues with tracking down hay.  Neighbor saved me with one big bale.  The rest of winter remains uncertain.

But the real climax of the month was Mac managing to have not one, but two, heart attacks.  He is trying to get back to work.  Right now he is having a cold that seems to be the last straw for him.  I don't know if this will be the last school year that he can work.  I have spent a lot of time wondering if we will lose our home.

Then there was news that overshadowed everything..... well, maybe not the heart attacks, but it was close.  Last week while watching the PBS Newshour there was a lady being interviewed about global warming.  She said the predictions for the the amount of global warming were off.  The scientists had figured on an upward trend but not the accumulative effect.  She said it was possible that the polar ice caps could be gone by 2015-2020.  This would mean that many areas would be under water.  More extreme weather patterns.  Some areas would no longer be suitable for agriculture.  Oceanic die off due to rising temperatures.

I will continue to do my very best to take care of Mac, but I need to put my own problems on the back burner, because it is time to save the world.  If there is a concerted effort from the entire world, then we could be entering an era that is miraculous.  If people continue to be greedy, if people continue to be wasteful, if people continue to breed families too large to be able to find sufficient resources for, then we will be in for tragic times.  I will work for miraculous.  I will believe in miraculous.

Until the little farm is taken away from us, I will work to make it the best little farm that I can.  I will try to post additional resources so you can see where I am getting and evolving some of my ideas.  You can start here with Paul Wheaton's site.   Specifically check out the hugel kultur link because there is going to be a lot of this going on here this next spring.

I know I have mentioned this before, but please take a look.  It is the first segment of the BBC special titled "A Farm for the Future"  I don't have much streaming capability so I have to watch it in the ten minute segments.  Here's the first one.

It's a start.  There will be more later... and it will be exciting.


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