Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Chickens and Morality

Yesterday was the voting day for primary elections. A big day in Wisconsin as it was also the recall election for Scott Walker. I did not vote. For our area, most candidates were running uncontested in their parties. No reason to vote until we get to the general election this November. Despite this primary being such a non-event (except for Wisconsin) there is a great deal of talking in the press about party lines, extreme factions and strangely enough.... morality. I tend to get in arguments with republicans. I should admit that right from the start. I don't try to... they pretty much make me. I was talking to a republican a couple of years ago ( the name with held to keep my husband from getting mad at me) This person informed me that she was a christian and that her morals would not allow her to be a democrat. I don't care who you are... that's a gauntlet throwing moment, if ever I saw one. So, I asked her just which morals was she referring to. This pissed her off and she stormed away. But, I really wish she would have answered me. To this day I have no clue what the hell she was talking about. This event actually caused me to have a bit of a quest. When I come across a person who has a strong political ideology, I tend to ask them why. A lot of them do say it is their morals. Of the ones I talk to, the republicans moral argument tends to be about abortion but quickly turns into them not believing it is moral for them to have to give up their hard earned money to any cause that might support someone who isn't worthy of their money. That argument then falls down to , it isn't moral for other people to get their money..... period. I love moderates, democrats, independents, conservation voters, liberals. They have great gobs of morals. Morals that they are more then happy to discuss in detail. They cover the great realms of deficit, social responsibility, environment, political history, cause and effect, education and the role of the wealthy in our society. And that is just a start. My politics are also my moralities. I have chicken morals. It is my intention to eat the eggs of those chickens. It is my intention to someday take their lives to feed my family. My morals tell me that I need to treat them the best I can while they are still in my care. My morals tell me that I should be thankful for the lives I'm taking. My morals tell me that I should care for the least of these. Green grass, freedom and all the bugs they choose to eat. They do not seem to want much to make their happiness... what does it cost me? It baffles me why people can't treat other people as well as I want to treat my chickens. That's just immoral. It will be interesting to see what morality shows up in November. Louie

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