Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Heat and Whining

I looked at the weather report last night.  I don't know which is more depressing, another week of near one hundred degree temperatures, or knowing there isn't a damn thing I can do about it.  There seems to be no rain in the forecast, well none in the midwest anyway.  I've been surprised at how well the garden is doing despite the heat.  We are getting tomatoes, cucumbers,  peppers and zucchini.  Later we will have brussels sprouts and kale.  It isn't enough to keep us alive this winter...... but it's a start.  The broiler crosses are ready to butcher, but it is just too hot.  We will be butchering out doors and I fear that we won't be able to get the meat iced fast enough.

This is terrible.  My mind rages on, but my body can't accomplish much in these temperatures.  We tried to get out the other day.  We are having cabin fever something awful.  We went to a lake and it was so nice.  So nice in fact, that Mac didn't want to leave.  We got too hot and now we are ill.  Nausea, lethargy, and a piss poor attitude.

This upcoming weekend I am supposed to be able to get away to a Parelli tour stop.  Some time to indulge my passion for horses.  I am trying to figure out if I can scare up enough money.  I'm sharing a room with a friend and I can pay her back on time, but I need to scrape together enough money for gas and food.  I keep turning it over in my mind, just how cheap can I eat?  As hot as it is, would it be safe to pack food to take up?  Then there is getting everything in order sufficiently that Mac can take care of creatures while I am gone.  I'm really worried about that.  If any chickens die, I'm going to beat him with the corpse!

Sorry, it's the heat talking.  I just need to , I don't know..... rehydrate?


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