Saturday, February 5, 2011

The New To-Do

The day after Groundhog's Day, I sat down and started working on my new to-do list. I kind of... sort of, have a master list. Priorities have switched around. This year, food acquisition will become more important. I will need to can, freeze and raise winter crops in my wee, little greenhouse. This year I really do need to get my chickens. Winter preparations will begin as soon as I can get out there and get at it. As always.... fences, fences, fences!!!

Oh!, did I mention before that I did get my greenhouse built? Well, not quite, but almost. I made it from the lumber that was suppose to go into a septic sand trap. It is not square. Some boards used are warped, but I don't think that the tomatoes will care. I have wanted a greenhouse for thirty years.... I'm happy.

We have decided that we are going to run through the brambles that are left to us and then...calm!! This will be our year... our much needed good year. This year will be phenomenal!!

It has to be.


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