Saturday, March 5, 2011

Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law states that if there is anything bad that can possibly happen.... it will.

I was thinking about that in the middle of the night last night. I have been getting crazy about being sent back to Iowa City for Mac's follow up Dr. appointments. One problem has been that the Ia. City Dr.s never give us ANY information. All we hear is either "This is serious" or "You look wonderful!" This is not of any great use to me. It isn't medical data. It never tells me where we are in the journey. Is the GVH almost gone? Is it still problematic. Is there any indication of the GVH affecting organs? I don't know. They apparently don't want me to know.

A letter from Dr. Hiatt indicated that Mac might continue to be stuck with Iowa City for YEARS!!! This just causes me rage. I can't deal with being kept in the dark and guessing how our lives will continue for only God knows how long. What little Dr. Hiatt has said made me think that Iowa City pulled GVH overall fatality numbers and scared him. Dr, Hiatt running scared has made me angrier that I have obviously had information with held.

I will be turning to Murphy's Law for guidance. I will plan for the very worst that could possibly happen. I will plan every bit of detail on how I can possibly hold on to my home, my dreams, being close to my grand kids .... surviving.

I just have to get over being pissed off first.


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